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  • Prevent potential vaccine problems
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  • Safely raise your pup or cat with few or no vaccines

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  • Looking for a holistic way to look after your pets?....
  • Want to work with the body and not against it?
  • Do you want to preserve and increase vitality?
  • Do you want a science-based yet nurturing approach to healing?

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Thanks so much for choosing to schedule an appointment online with Dr. Jeff. Doing so speeds the process, avoids phone tag, and allows him to help more patients.

Holistic evaluations require sufficient appointment time. Length of your appointment should be based on patient health status, length of time since your last appointment, and whether this is a phone/video appointment or in office evaluation.

45 minutes or more are preferable for most office appointments. New patients need 1-3 hour appointments depending on case complexity.

Feel free to email amy@homevet.com if you are unsure of an appropriate appointment length.


Dr. Jeff


You can help prevent…

Achieve vibrant vitality by practicing personalized proactive prevention. Promoting wellness holistically and homeopathically is more effective than treating dis-eases once they develop. Even after…there is still hope. Many real life case examples are found on these pages and in our supportive online community. Here’s how to join us on this exciting holistic healing path.

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