“Holistic Healing Home
for your animal companions"
Dr. Jeff

Unfortunately, Dr. Jeff's private practice is currently full.

However, you can still benefit 
from his 30+ years of training and experience.

Ask your veterinary 
questions by joining his online holistic companion animal care community.  Dr. Jeff will reply as quickly as possible based on his care of patients.

He also responds to questions at the homevet.com Facebook Page, on Twitter and during his weekly Blab video chats.

You certainly can also read and submit the new client information below.
Dr. Jeff will contact you when a new client spot becomes available.

•Also, read the articles in our library and at Dr. Jeff's blog

•Watch and participate in our live online educational resources on Periscope, our webinars, etc.

•You can also submit any questions at Facebook, Twitter and at the online forum.

#1-Read about my practice and see if it is right for you and your pet. 
It's very important for all pet guardians to carefully choose the members of their veterinary team. Please read the Introduction To My Practice document prior to proceeding further in the new client process. This document includes everything you need to know about becoming a new client as well as the costs of treatment.

#2-Submit the new patient questionnaire (which should only take you ~5 minutes) so I can start getting to know you and your pet

After reading the Introduction To My Practice document, potential new clients should fill out and submit the online new patient questionnaire form (should you have problems submitting the form, an offline version is available as well).

#3-Confirm your understanding by reading, signing and returning the treatment authorization form.

Please fax, mail, or bring to your appointment the signed treatment authorization forms.

#4-Double check that we received your information.
After submitting your information, please call 203-222-7979 to confirm that you've sent it.

Prepare for the first appointment.

Please review this short article about which information to send me and what to expect during your consultation.

I look forward to meeting you soon and starting along the path to optimal health through homeopathy.

Dr. Jeff Feinman, CVH

certified veterinary homeopath