“Holistic Healing Home
for your animal companions"
Dr. Jeff

For Healthy Pets

Over 150 articles on companion animal health written by authorities including Dr. Jeff Feinman, a qualified vet and leading veterinary homeopath.

In these entertaining and informative pet health articles, Dr. Jeff and quest writers cover important pet health areas.

Finally there’s a better way to keep your pet healthy for many years. Look through the holistic binoculars to see what’s really needed. Form a healing team with you in control.

As a conventionally trained veterinarian with a background in biomedical and clinical research, I incorrectly believed that I had already learned enough to help most of my patients.

Acupuncture has gained acceptance as an alternate modality of therapy in veterinary medicine and is used by practitioners of acupuncture either by itself or with conventional Western medicine.

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