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Monday, 28 November 2011 04:36

Dietary Cancer Management (Detailed Information for Humans))

Written by Comprehensive Cancer Care conference
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Firm fundamental suggestions based on literature about how nutrition can impact cancer. Dietary factors have been thought to account for about 30% of cancers in Western countries.

Many of the prominent hypotheses for effects of diet on cancer risk have been derived from examination of the associations between dietary patterns and cancer rates in different populations around the world. It was noted in the 1970s that developed Western countries have diets high in animal products, fat and sugar, and high rates of cancers of the colorectum, breast and prostate.

Read (many, many) more details about nutrition and cancer in people:

NB: Nutritional management of the veterinary cancer patient is extremely important. Specific recommendations can be found elsewhere on homevet.com. Prevention of cancer through diet, healthy lifestyle and homeopathihic treatment is critical. Prevention is also discussed throughout this site..--Dr. Jeff


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