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Dr. Jeff

Serious health condition of my pet Feline after given birth. she is dying.


Hello doctor.
Me and my family use homeopathy remedies to treat our and our pets many health issues. One of my felines got very sick after getting her 1st baby's birth 3 days back. A continious pale pinkish fluid discharge since 3 days made her so much weak that she stopped having food totally so we gave her "Arnica and belledona" togather 2 drops diluted in water which stopped her discharge within one day but because of not having food she's dying. And gave "China" for getting back her lost appetite. which food she likes most boiled chicken and egg, not even taste them for once. I tried to feed her milk from three days but she got puked. we have no vet near by to get emergency help. please help us. We can't see her dying in front of us like this. please help us


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