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Natural Flea Treatments


batman wrote: How often and how much would you spray your mini with this solution?

Anytime there is likely to be exposure, e.g. before a walk in the woods.

Dr. Jeff

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My dog has had a rather bad flea infestation- I applied Advantage on him in July (which I didn't like doing) and it seemed to have little effect. He had baths. I used D Earth, I used Wondercide (a great product) I combed- vet gave me Comfortis to give him today (which I really didn't like)- I will only use it this once (given with a full meal) to (hopefully) get a leg up on the infestation (plus vacuuming/applying Borax) but I don't like the idea of anything like that, much less a pill- he seems fine though. He was chewing his legs and getting fur stuck on his teeth and getting another mouth infection. Vicious cycle. So now he's on antibiotics too (shaking my head)

I guess the best way to really get on top of it- is treat the rugs/floor BEFORE flea season and use the natural stuff on him then too.

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