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Raw Diet vs. Fresh Food Diet


While I know that every situation is unique, I wanted to get a take on if a raw diet's benefit greatly differ from that of a cooked fresh food diet. I currently have our love, Paddington, on a cooked fresh food diet where I roughly get a new recipe (although I have repeated recipes- not back to back) off the internet once a week or so. It usually consists of brown rice, some veggies, and generally ground chicken or turkey. I add in a probiotic and fish oil to his morning meal and "Garlic Off" to his dinner. We have a curious toddler as well. Paddington is every bit part of the family and doggy "kisses" are always well received. I wonder if his health (and longevity) would benefit if I switched to a raw diet. However, on the same token I worry about cross-contamination for us humans (particularly the two year old). Am I doing a dis-service to Paddington by not feeding him a raw diet?


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