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Early CHF and Likely Cushing's


My sweet Pom/Chi cross pup just turned 9 years young and was recently diagnosed with CHF (Mitral Valve) and when they were doing the ultrasound they found a possible tumor on his adrenal gland and an enlarged liver.

He has had a cough whenever he tries to play or gets excited... which is why I initially took him into the vet. The vet and cardiologist aren't 100% sure about what is causing his cough. We have tried Cerenia without success and now they have prescribed Hydrocodone to see if it will help his cough.

They also both agreed that he be placed on Vetmedin, Benazepril and Lasix. I have been giving him those medications exactly as prescribed. It's been a few weeks now.

They don't know what to do about his possible Cushing's since it's too risky to surgically remove the adrenal tumor.

His diet = freeze dried raw (Primal Turkey and Sardine or Sojo's Wild Grain Free Venison or Salmon... we trade out when he gets bored with one. Lol)

Of course, my goal is to improve his health. (I don't know if anything is able to be reversed since the vet says he is in early stages of his illnesses.)

I'm looking for the very best way to manage his symptoms and improve his health. I want him to feel better and be able to run, jump and play as much as he always wants to without having coughing fits.

After some research, I have ADDED to his conventional meds a supplement called "Formula CV" (1 per day), and I add about 40 MG of liquid CoQ10 (20 MG twice per day).

I have some liquid Milk Thistle and Dandelion drops that I bought for adrenal and liver support, but I have been afraid to use it since I don't know how they will interact with the conventional meds, Formula CV and CoQ10.

I also am wondering if Turmeric Golden Paste might be a good addition? (I have read cases where tumors have been shrunk with Turmeric/Curcumin).

Then, there is his cough that is still hanging on... but I'm not sure that I want to use Hydrocodone on a regular basis and don't know what herb/supplement to try for that. I'm hoping if I can get his other issues under control, hopefully the coughing will cease.

I have no idea what combination of herbs/supplements work well together and whether I should also keep him on his conventional medications (the Vetmedin, Lasix & Benazepril).

Basically... Help! I desperately need guidance!


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Sorry for discovering all of these things in your sweet dog. BUT good you know whats going on. I know that a product called I'm Yunity, a mushroom complex is most excellent for cancer/tumours. Personally, I would lesson fish in the diet, opting more for krill oil over fish. Not 100% sure our fish is mercury free. i am also curious over your choice of freeze dried raw over fresh raw? There is a slight nutrient loss in freeze dried... around 5% in many of the vitamins and minerals. I do like the Co Q10 you've added. I certainly understand your hesitance in using Hydrocodone, Id feel the same. Is there a history here of vaccines, flea tick meds or heart worm meds? Have you heard of glandular therapy? Feeding the glands and organs can be of great help in nourishing your dogs organs. If you can I would feed them raw or barely steamed if you are unable to handle the raw foods. Best not to cook or you will loose nutrient value. Chinese meds are also very good for support and balancing the body, removing heat etc. Then of course there is one of my favourite forms of healing...Homeopathy. All the best.


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It's me again. Darci. Just want to add that lack of sex hormones can also, as our dogs age, produce symptoms that look like cushings. Again raw diet with glandulars mixed in, as many bio available amino acids ( phytoplankton)
Homeopathic remedies made from testifies and ovaries, hemp oil ( non GMO)for essential fats. :)


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