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Dr. Jeff
Dr. Jeff Feinman

Dr. Jeff Feinman

Jeffrey Feinman, BA, VMD, CVH, holds both molecular biology and veterinary degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1998 he further advanced his training and became the first Certified Veterinary Homeopath in the state of Connecticut.

Dr. Jeff is devoted to teaching both pet owners and other veterinarians about homeopathy and optimal pet care. He and his wonderful wife (and practice manager) Amy live with Chi and Tigger their adopted Rex cats and Vanya their rescued Standard Poodle.

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Saturday, 01 September 2012 14:44

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Homeopathic Pet Care

I wish more pet owners were offered this wonderful treatment option. There are dozens of great reasons to choose it for preventing and treating disease. Here are my top 10:

10) Hundreds Of Years Of Clinical Experience

9) Based On Scientific Framework vs. Conjecture...

I am very happy to announce my upcoming 3 hour workshop on August 19, 2012. Join me in Great Barrington, MA nestled in the beautiful Berkshire mountains.

This program, "Homeopathy and Optimal Pet Care" will be part of the Pet Wellness series sponsored by BensDotter's holistically-oriented pet store. 

Topics will include why species-appropriate diet and minimizing vaccination is just the beginning of great pet care, holistic vet care, the history of homeopathy, energetic medicine, how to work through symptoms homeopathically while integrating modern medical diagnostics, case examples, Q & A and much, much more!

I urge you to visit our host Tina Dow's store. She specializes in educating pet owners about natural and holistic pet care and selling the best pet products, raw diets, etc. Not only is Tina hosting this event, but she is also serving a brunch catered by the MarketPlace Cafe in Sheffield.

The location is 940 Main Street (Rt. 7), Great Barrington MA 01230. This event starts at 11am and is free of charge.

Call Tina at 413-528-4940. Seating is very limited. I hope to see you there!

This extremely informative, well-researched and very well-produced movie should be seen by everyone.

Working with your pet's body rather than against it is very exciting and rewarding. It can also be a challenge for pet parents who are just starting out.

Please consult the information about becoming a new client (which includes links to much more info.) to learn more about this safe, gentle, and effective form of treatment. In addition, you can find much more about me and my treatment method on the other pages of this site.

I look forward to working together.--Dr. Jeff

The very best way to update Dr. Jeff prior to your appointment is to use the web update form. If for some reason you are unable to  submit it, and to help organize your thoughts prior to updating, you can also review the general guidelines below:

Writing complete and succinct updates during the homeopathic treatment of your pet will help ensure the best, fastest, and most gentle course of therapy. In addition, brief, well organized updates allow faster, and less costly, determination of the treatment.


Your updates will both provide important observations and become part of your pet's medical record. The electronic record initially (before being double-clicked) only displays the first few lines of each entry. Therefore, please include the most important information at the beginning of your update (remedy name and doses and overall progress or new problems). In this way, the records can be most efficiently scanned to help determine your pet's current overall level of health trend. Try to keep your updates short.

The following information will help the updating process. If you would like further clarification please feel free to either comment on this article, post a message in the homeopathy forum, or e-mail me directly. This document will be modified based on your feedback.

General guidelines:

  • Please limit your updates to once weekly (unless we have decided that more frequent updates are needed due to your pet's condition).
  • Please write your update in the body of an e-mail.
  • Use dates (not days of the week).
  • No attachments.
  • No formatting (bold, bullets, tables, etc.).

1-All updates should start with your date of last appointment, and which (if any) homeopathic medicines and what doses were given, and when.

If there is a new or particularly problematic symptom, please include it at the beginning of the update, e.g. recent vomiting, diarrhea, itching, etc.

2-Was there any immediate response to any of these doses?

e.g. "3/5/12 Sul 30c 10/1 (10 succussions of the bottle, 1 drop from it added to 1 cup of water)-5ml, after which he uncharacteristically fell deeply asleep for 3 hours and then woke and ran around energetically", or "After the dose, the next day both eyes started discharging white mucus that had to be wiped out 3x a day".

3-Since the dose(es) which symptoms are better, worse, or unchanged?

It is very helpful to report all of the relevant symptoms in each report. Use the 4 Ps (Problematic, Persistent, Prominent and Peculiar) to help determine which are the most important symptoms to report. Try to quantify the degree and timing of changes before and after the dose. For example, normal may be 100% or 10/10 vs. 50% or 3/10 before the dose.

Here is an example of a very useful actual update during the cure of a dog with pneumonia. The original version that follows is less helpful:

Here is the very helpful version: "Only 1 dose Phos LM 1 10/1-1 tsp. since our last appointment.  He is 75% better overall since the dose. A three minute coughing fit and restlessness were seen immediately after the dose.

Since the dose:

Better-cough (2x daily vs. 2x/hour), energy (8/10 vs. 2/10) and appetite (10/10 vs. 3/10). 
Worse-Diarrhea accident in house (first time ever for any accident) overnight @2am.
Unchanged-itching, ear redness, vomiting, drinking, clinginess"  

Following your summary you can include any germane details.

I will also probably ask (for almost every pet at every appointment): temperature preferences, change of favorite areas in the house , changes in sleep position (and dreaming), preferring to be alone or clingy, new cravings, aversions, fears, itching, discharges, skin rashes and eruptions, etc.

Below, is the original version. It is too long and detailed. Also note that the dosing info and overall update is buried within the text. Please keep the detailed  information in your home journal (or an online plog). That way it is available if I  have questions.


10pm – Gave Remedy, I dribbled some of dose down his face.
10:05-11:00pm – He got up, resettled into more natural, comfortable position for a moment, then got up and resettled again to face us.  Seemed more awake and alert, almost restless but without anxiety.  Had a couple of shallow, wet coughs that were less intense than had been in the office and never cumulated to phlegm being brought up.  General consensus was that his expression and energy seemed better than they have in a while; more relaxed and happy looking with a lot of eye contact and interest in what we were doing (and the idea of snacks).  Very slight clear nasal discharge in right nostril and similar respiratory patterns as earlier.  Started licking his legs, not biting, and settled into napping lightly on bed.
11:00pm – Got up and seemed unsettled. Didn’t take any drink, though stood near water. Didn’t seem to want to go out, seemed awkward.  Started coughing heavily going through 4 or 5 cycles of a few coughs and then bringing up phlegm and then coughing again.   Deep, wet coughs while he was standing, then he lay down while coughing and stayed laying down in that spot until I went to bed.  His position was on cool, hard floor directly in front of cool draft with nose pointed towards cooler air.  Room temp was about 65.  Stayed in that place sleeping until I went to bed.  Didn’t seem chilly at all, slept deeply.  Woke just about midnight to cough again, just 30 seconds of shallow wet coughing with no phlegm being brought up.  I believe this happened after he went from prone position to laying on side.
Overnight – Slept on floor next to my bed, normal spot for him.  Didn’t hear him cough throughout the night.
Morning – Didn’t cough until after going outside and back into the house.  This included a brief trot up a small hill.  Coughed in kitchen while greeting my Mum (excited), a few full cycle coughs that produced phlegm.  Seemed more interested in foster dog’s food than usual, had a few bites of kibble while I prepared.  I offered him a plate of cooked chicken and he had no hesitation and ate the whole thing with more gusto than has been normal lately.  After meal he went into the living room and rolled around on his back.  This is normal celebration behavior for him after a meal, but we haven’t seen this in 3 weeks at least.  He didn’t cough at all while rolling enthusiastically on his back.  I noticed the playful foster dog was trying to engage him outside, which is new.  He didn’t engage, but looked amused.
I only gave the one dose based on changes I saw.
Temp before remedy yesterday at 5pm was 101.3 after it was 100.5
Temp at lunch today before remedy was 100.8
Time of accident in house was likely 2am or so.  Should be noted that he ate more than he has been in the past few weeks at dinner and I had just started putting him back on raw.
He also seemed very tired this morning and didn’t get up until after I left for work.  Not unusual for him to be sleepy in morning, but a little unusual for him not to get up to greet me.
Her next update:  Better – cough (much better, 9), energy (much better, 8), Ease of breathing (7), Nasal Discharge (9)
Wose – Nothing
Unchanged – Everything else
Appetite – I was unsure if I should fast or not based on stomach issues.  Have not fed since breakfast yesterday.  Advice on feeding would be appreciated.  Seemed interested in food this morning.  I’m thinking cooked chicken/rice/pumpkin to get back on track.
Stool – Has not gone since yesterday @5pm that I reported.  Have asked Mum at home to please watch if possible.
He was eager to get up this morning and was moving faster than he has in weeks without coughing.  One brief coughing episode this morning, very mild, after movement.  Also he hopped on the bed last night for the first time in weeks at bedtime, which is his normal routine (bed for a while, then floor next to bed).
My version (for the medical record):- Two doses Phos 0/1 15/1 1tsp.  Better overall since the dose.  Reacted to first by licking legs for 1 min then sleeping deeply on left side.  Reacted to second by sleeping deeply through night.  Temp before first dose (11pm) 100.6, before second dose (1am) 100.3 Temp at 8am 101.3.

Your pet is sick. You have tried everything to improve her health, but the problem keeps recurring or never resolves. What to do?


ON March 24, 2012 AT 11AM

In celebration of the first weekend of Spring, Dr. Jeff Feinman, CVH will

 discuss with everyone: “How To Care For Your Healthy Pet, Holistically”

Topics will include:

    •What Is Holistic Vet Med?

    •Is Your Pet Truly Healthy?

    •How To Improve Your Pet’s Diet

    •How Often To Vaccinate Your Pet

    •The True Secret To The Healthy Pet (and why these factors are not enough)


Q & A To Follow The Talk

This talk is open to all pet owners and will be held at:

Your Healthy Pet store

224 South Main Street
Newtown, CT 06470

Reviewing these articles before the talk will help you get the most out of it:

Raising A Pet Holistically

Common vs. Normal

How Can Homeopathy Help My Pet

Vaccine Discussion

Diet Library

Monday, 12 March 2012 23:33

Natural Care for Your Dog's Ears

Ear problems are one of the top routine reasons why dogs visit the veterinarian, and many dogs suffer with painful and unpleasant ear conditions for years on end before a true long-standing cure is found. 

A new clinical study of dogs with elevated liver enzymes has verified the beneficial results seen in practice with Hepato Support from Rx Vitamins.

Before and during winter, many people will "winterize" their automobiles, including a change of antifreeze. Antifreeze is extremely toxic causing kidney failure that is often fatal in just a few days.

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