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for your animal companions"
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Are you concerned with your animal companion’s state of health?  Does s/he just not have that glow of good health?

Are you tired of having to treat the same conditions over and over again only to have them return as soon as the medicine runs out?

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Our world is full of subtleties that are often overlooked in the rush of modern life.  Oftentimes we see what is most evident and believe that to be all there is – we miss the web of more subtle events and objects that accompany the obvious but are hidden to the casual observer.  We are satisfied that the easily observable is the extent of what is and we fail to look “behind the scenes”.
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The first confusion is what to actually call a practice which uses anything other than conventional, Western medicine. The buzz words are Holistic, Wholistic, Alternative, Complementary, Quackery…….
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This is the letter I wrote to JAVMA (Journal of the American Vet Med Ass.) which they would not publish. I still strongly believe however that every pet owner should be informed, by their veterinarian, about every available treatment option. 

What follows is an excerpt of an article from a popular pet health site. In it the author discusses the importance of being fully informed when deciding what is best for your pet. My comments (as well as my response to a comment to my comment) can also be read there.
What follows is my own experience with homeopathic treatment of my Lyme disease. I have been asked several times to share this. Usually after a client's pet has received treatment. It is not meant for anyone else to emulate.
Five representatives of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association attended the AVMA meeting, January 3-6, 2013, where Resolution 3 from the Connecticut VMA entitled, “Homeopathy has been identified as an ineffective practice and its use is discouraged,” was discussed.
This fantastic "debate" took place at Mcgill University in Montreal November 27 of 2012. The information presented is compelling and has tremendous implications.
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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Homeopathic Pet Care

I wish more pet owners were offered this wonderful treatment option. There are dozens of great reasons to choose it for preventing and treating disease. Here are my top 10:

10) Hundreds Of Years Of Clinical Experience

9) Based On Scientific Framework vs. Conjecture...

If you have been thinking about exploring the path of alternative health for you and yours, this may be the perfect opportunity to take that first step. I have found that often people come to better health care practices for themselves and their family because they have seen the results of these same practices in their pets.

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