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Alicaid-6 oz.

Stomach comfort and protection. Joint and immune support! All in one!!


Good-Form BM

This formula helps to support normal intestinal functioning and can improve many problems with diarrhea. Often trouble is merely a symptom of disharmony in the intestinal function of re-absorbing water from the wastes passing through it.


Hepato Support #90

Hepato Support contains the highest quality extract of milk thistle along with antioxidants and supportive nutrients to help promote normal liver function. Rx Vitamins uses the ET-Med milk thistle from Germany in the Hepato Support formula.


Holistic Pet Support-Fiber Plus powder

Fiber Plus powder supports normal intestinal and anal gland function.


Liquid Hepato-4 oz.

Nutritional Support for the Liver. A palatable liquid format designed specifically for the “difficult to pill” patient.


Neem Bark Powder-55g

Wondercide Neem Bark Powder provides dental & digestive support for pets & people. Neem taken internally can boost immune systems & provide a concentrated source of antioxidants to help combat damage caused by aging as well as environmental toxins. Neem Bark is naturally anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anthelmintic (expelling of parasitic worms from the body), anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic (lowers glucose levels in the blood)


Nutrigest Powder-132 grams

Nutritional Support for Gastro-Intestinal Mucosa Nutrigest supplies important phytochemicals and essential nutrients, such as high potency probiotic cultures and glutamine that help restore and maintain normal bacterial balance in the gastrointestinal


OmegaPure 780EC #120

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Rx Biotic-2.12 oz.

Helps Maintain Normal Healthy Intestinal Micro-flora and Normalize Bowel Ecology Rx Biotic is delivered in a palatable, high potency powder with no flavorings or additives.


Rx Zyme- 120 grams

A Versatile, Therapeutic Enzyme Formula

This is the most comprehensive and versatile enzyme preparation ever introduced for pets. Rx Zyme features a proprietary, high-potency, digestive enzyme blend combined with selected nutrceuticals and botanica


Zylkene calming capsules 225mg #30

Zylkene helps animals stay calm and relaxed and cope with stressful and anxiety-provoking situations.